Spectrum Workshop

Not long ago, I met Cindy, the owner of Clarity Lane Photo. Our style is totally different, our approach is different and our ideal client is very different. However, we have a few major things in common. WE LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, we want to share what we have learned with others and we want to ignite the passion in others.

We planned a shoot together and personally, I learned SO much about myself and where I want our business to stand. I stepped back and watched as she interacted with the couple, and then we swapped places. What happened was invigorating. Seeing her different techniques, her approach, her style…. it has changed the way I take photos forever.

And you know what? The same happened to her.

Since then we’ve been awesome friends and constantly are asking for the other’s opinion, advice, and motivation. We didn’t suddenly shoot just like the other, nor change our editing (you can tell by our work today!), but we are deeper individuals whose minds have grown to see the whole photography spectrum.. from light to dark, from posed to action, from happy to passionate.. and got to CHOOSE who we are today.

..and we can’t WAIT to share that with YOU!!!